How to thread old singer sewing machine. 7 sewing machine


Singer sewing machines are great for home use, but if you’re looking to use your machine at a professional level, it’s important to know how to thread it properly.

How to thread old singer sewing machine

How to thread old singer sewing machine

To thread a Singer sewing machine, you must first remove the needle plate. This is done by pulling out on the back of your sewing machine, then lifting up on it and pulling it off. Once this has been done, replace it with a new one that comes with your new bobbin case (if necessary). Next put in some thread into your bobbin case and screw down until secure; this will be called “setting up” when we talk about putting things back together later on in this article!

Next make sure that both ends of each needle have been removed from their respective eyelets located near its base—this can be done by twisting them counter-clockwise while holding them so they don’t come undone accidentally while working with other parts. Then turn over any bobbins still left over inside their plastic holders; these should also be removed before proceeding further as we’ll want room for extra material later (more on this later).

How to Thread an Antique Singer Sewing Machine

To thread an antique Singer sewing machine, you’ll need to remove the needle from its holder. This can be done by either turning the hand wheel until it is unlocked, or removing a screw on top of the needle holder. The next step is to use your finger to pry off any metal pins that are attached to this piece. Then you’ll have access to both ends of your sewing thread and your bobbin case (if applicable).

How to thread old singer sewing machine

To begin threading this antique Singer machine, place one end of each piece into its respective hole in front of where they will go when reattached later on down below through another method called “threading up” before moving onto these next steps:

  • How to thread old singer sewing machine’s an old hand needle instead of using a new one so that there won’t be any extra wear on either object as well as making sure both pieces are large enough for proper fitment into their respective slots without causing any issues with getting stuck inside due  to size discrepancies between them being too small/large respectively – remember; don’t force anything! If necessary then try using different types like embroidery needles before deciding if this method works better than others based purely off personal preference alone; though keep in mind how much pressure needs applied while doing so because sometimes even something simple like pressing down hard onto something might cause damage if done incorrectly.”

How to Thread a Singer Simple Sewing Machine

  • Turn the hand wheel to raise the needle to its highest position and remove any bobbins or spools from under it.
  • Remove the plate over which you will thread your machine by lifting it up with one hand and sliding out from under it with your other hand (see Figure 2).
  • Unscrew the clamp screw at top of needle clamp, then remove clamp entirely from housing by pulling off its handle (see Figure 3). Be careful not to lose any parts while doing this!

4a If your machine has been sitting unused for a long time, check that all belts have not become slackened by removing them from their holders on either side of blade area; otherwise, they may slip during operation causing damage if they come into contact with other parts while working on them without proper protection against such friction heat generated during use/storage conditions where temperatures may reach upwards towards 50 degrees Celsius depending upon where exactly one lives within different regions around world wide areas like England Australia etcetera so please make sure before proceeding further down below steps listed below section titled “5.How to thread old singer sewing machine.

How to thread old singer sewing machine

How to Thread a Singer 4220 Sewing Machine

  • Remove the bobbin case and needle plate from your Singer sewing machine.
  • Insert a loop of thread into the lower threading hole in front of the needle, then pull this loop through until it reaches its end (as shown). You can also use another piece of string or rubber band to hold this loop in place while you are working on it later on when we are ready to replace our old bobbin case/needle plate with a new one!
  • How to thread old singer sewing machine.
  • Now thread up through both holes at once: first our lower hole and then our upper hole (this will make sure everything lines up correctly). Make sure not only does each hole line up perfectly but also that there is no space between them when looking down from above so there isn’t any unnecessary movement between these two pieces during use which could cause problems later down road if left unchecked!

How to Thread a Singer 1234 Sewing Machine

Before you start threading your Singer 1234 sewing machine, it’s important to know a few things about sewing machines in general.

How to thread old singer sewing machine
  • A sewing machine is an electrical device that uses a motor and gears to create motion, which turns the needle around the fabric being sewn. The needle can be moved in two ways: left or right. The thread tension (how tight or loose the thread is) controls where this movement takes place; if you have too much tension on it, then there won’t be enough room for the needle to move freely—and therefore any stitches made will come out crooked!
  • How to thread old singer sewing machine.
  • To change these settings, first turn off your machine and wait until it’s completely cool before doing anything else (this will help prevent damage). Then remove all parts from inside except for one screw holding down what looks like two metal plates inside tall plastic housing thingy thingy thingy…or maybe just pull them out? Whatever works! Now check out how many threads there are running through those screws into both sides of their respective holes on either side of said housing thingy thingy thingy – hopefully only one or two with no more than three total running through each hole – otherwise we’re going backwards here…

How to Thread a Singer 6211 Sewing Machine

How to thread old singer sewing machine
  • Put the thread onto the needle, place it through the eye of the needle and then pull up on it so that you can see how much tension is on your thread. If there isn’t enough tension, then you’ll need to add more.
  • How to thread old singer sewing machine.
  • Insert the threaded needle into one of your holes (the first hole in front or back) and pull back on this section until you feel resistance against something solid like another part of yourself or a wall behind which can help provide extra security while sewing without fear of breaking anything! This should be done with caution however because if too much force is applied then this could result in breaking something else besides just making things worse by causing unnecessary damage/ruining what’s already considered “good enough”.

How to Thread a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

  • Remove the bobbin case and its screw.
  • How to thread old singer sewing machine.
  • Remove the needle plate, which is held underneath by two screws on either side of it (one each for left and right).
  • Withdraw both ends of thread from their respective bobbins by pulling them through one at a time; then remove them from their respective bobbins as well with pliers or needle-nose pliers if you have them handy—they’re usually little more than an inch long when pulled out of their holes in each end of your machine’s spool mechanism!
  • Now that we’ve done all this work already, let’s get started! First off: put aside what remainders I mentioned above so far because they’ll come into play later on…


  • You will need to disassemble your sewing machine, which is typically done by removing the back cover and hinges.
  • Make sure that you have removed all of the screws holding the top cover in place before you begin threading it up with new needles or bobbin cases, as well as any other parts that may be attached to these covers like tension springs or buttons for adjusting tension levels on machines made before 1940s (or even earlier). This will ensure that nothing gets stuck inside during reassembly!
  • How to thread old singer sewing machine
  • After removing all parts from their respective locations within your particular model’s chassis so they’re ready for cleaning/reassembly later on down this road since they’re going into contact with various fluids during regular use such as oil residues which could damage them over time due  to prolonged exposure without proper care being taken throughout operations.”


Singer sewing machines are a great investment, and they can last you a lifetime. The best way to keep your machine in good working order is by following these tips and making sure that your sewing machine is properly maintained.

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